Thursday, September 10, 2015

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Rose Mask

Today I bring you a review on what turned out to be the most luxurious smelling sheet mask I have ever used. Coincidentally, it also had unexpected results that blew me away. So let’s talk about the Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Rose Mask, one of those amazing sheet masks everyone should run out and get.

Innisfree really has out done itself with this one, the sheet is as soft as ever and it was drenched in essence, but it is the scent that really got to me. This smells exactly like roses, not like perfume or fake flowers, but like pure and high-quality rosewater. It is divine! This mask is also a perfect example of how good use of fragrance can completely elevate a product and the experience of using it. I think it is worth buying for the scent alone to be honest, but luckily it delivers pretty amazing results too.

The main focus of this is actually to moisturize your skin, which it does brilliantly without being heavy at all. I also noticed increased radiance in my skin, it did not lighten marks or my skin tone, but there was a noticeable glow that lasted for several hours. That kind of results is what I want when using a sheet mask, but I was not expecting it to have a firming/tightening effect. Once I removed it, my face looked noticeably firmer and the contours of it were also sharper looking. I am still young so sagging and lack of definition are not things I usually noticed, but afterwards my cheekbones really looked more defined. That is quite incredible for a mask that costs less than two dollars.

I really believe anyone would enjoy the Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Rose Mask because it addresses so many skin concerns all at once. You can find it on the Innisfree website here.   

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