Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Nice Treat

I love magazines! Ever since I was little I have loved them. They are the perfect bedtime read, articles aren't too long or too short and I don't get so absorbed in them that I can't sleep. There is also something great to be said about simply relaxing and flipping through glossy pages of beautifully constructed pictures.

However, even though I love them, I can be picky with the ones I choose to buy. The layout has to be nice, the writing fun and engaging and obviously the pictures need to be great.
Well, I recently discovered a magazine that ticks all those boxes and more: Town and Country UK edition.

I had never heard of the US edition, but the newly launched UK one really caught my eye. The summer issue was printed on the most luxurious paper ever, thick and glossy, which really showcases the pictures nicely (the fact that is is slightly oversized also adds to the feel of luxury).
The quality of the editorials is also fantastic, but you wouldn't expect anything less since the team behind this magazine also works on the British Harper's Bazaar.

The summer issue features Lily James (Downton Abbey) on the cover, editorials amazing British houses and summery English traditions like polo and cricket matches. Fashion and Beauty also have a place in the magazine alongside articles on great places to visit.

I honestly cannot explain how incredibly lavish this magazine feels, you can tell a lot of effort went into it. Reading it definitely feels like a treat and I urge you all to have a look at it.

The only downside to Town and Country is that they only publish 4 issues a year, but the quality and extent of the articles compensates for the waiting time.

I for one cannot wait for the next issue (set for November) and at 10$ it truly is a great buy.

Missha Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel

Like many, I am still on the hunt for the perfect sunscreen. One that is not oily, has a high SPF and that will not clog my pores. The last one is my main concern because my skin is particularly sensitive to sunscreen. Being a fan of Korean skincare products, I had high hopes for the Missha all around Safe Block Sun Gel, after all Koreans are all about fair skin and take sun protection very seriously.

This particular product has an SPF 30/PA++ which is great for daily protection. The brand also offers other formulas with higher protection levels (SPF 45 and 50).

First of all, a special mention has to go to the packaging, a gorgeous patterned blue tube with a large silver cap that keeps it stable on your countertop. The design is gorgeous and the size of the tube makes it easy to carry when traveling or on the go.

Onto the actual sunscreen now, this is not a gel, but rather a lightweight white gel cream that blends easily into the skin. It did not leave a white cast on my face, however I do have very fair skin so I don’t know if it would be an issue on darker skin. Once it sinks in, it leaves the skin looking dewy, which can boost radiance under your foundation, and your face will feel slightly tacky (It goes away after a while). Also, the product is fragranced, but I personally really enjoyed light fruity-floral scent.

My only problem with the Missha Safe Block Sun Gel is that it did clog my pores after continuous use. This is a problem I have with most sunscreens (even with other popular ones), so I don't think this product is particularly, it could just be me. If you are sensitive to sunscreen I would recommend getting a sample before purchasing it.

At around 12$ of 50ml I think this is decent sunscreen worth trying out. I purchased mine from Ebay but you might be able to find in a local Asian/Korean beauty store. Also you can apparently now find it on the Missha website for 14$.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The West Wing

I have been looking for a new show to watch this summer for quite some time. There is not much on the air right now and I was in need of something smart and witty that I haven’t seen before (I'm experiencing The Newsroom and Veep withdrawals).

This quest led me to The West Wing, which is a political show that follows the lives of the President of the United States and his staff. Visually some might think it looks a bit dated, it started airing in 1999, but the sharp and witty dialogues are very entertaining and the social issues presented are still relevant today. This isn't surprising since the creator of the show is Aaron Sorkin who is also the man behind The Newsroom.

Another great thing about this show is that it is currently on sale in many stores and Amazon for 14$. This is a great deal for 22 40 minutes long episodes and a nice summer treat.

With 7 seasons in total, I think I am set for the rest of summer.

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