Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser Review

I love the feeling of freshly cleansed skin, honestly nothing feels better than removing your makeup and washing your face at the end of the day. A good cleanser is essential to the process which makes testing out new ones super fun. A while ago, Innisfree came out with a new natural skincare line with a more minimal ingredients’ list and packaging. I haven’t seen a lot of the new range online, I think that’s mostly because the products are only available on the Korean Innisfree website and all the information is in Korean. Well today I’m going to talk about the Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser and I hope to get my hands on more products from the line in the future, the beetroot range also look very promising.

This looks like your typical creamy foaming cleanser, but it creates a really nice light lather when you add water to it. Because the cleanser has a low pH (meaning it is more acidic), it shouldn’t disturb your skin’s acid mantle which many foaming cleansers actually do because they are very alkaline (high pH). I also believe it’s SLS-free although I had a hard time finding an ingredients’ list in English. The reason why I like it so much is because it gives the feeling of really fresh and clean skin without any dryness. Most foaming cleansers leave my face feeling tight and dehydrated but this one doesn’t! In my opinion this makes the Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser a great option to use in the morning or as a second cleanse at night. I haven’t used it to remove makeup (because I prefer cleansing oils) so I cannot say how it performs on that front.

I really love this cleanser, I am actually on my second tube and I hope they will bring the whole line to their international website soon. Also thumbs up for Innisfree having such a great product at such an affordable price, I paid about 10$ for mine and the other products are also all very affordable. 

The Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser is available on the Innisfree website (Korea only) but you can find it from other retailers, I got mine on Ebay.   

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Caudalie Divine Scrub Review and New Year Chat

Well, it’s been a while… I can’t believe how quickly 2016 has gone by. The main reason things have been so quiet here for the past months is because I recently moved to the U.K. to do my master’s degree. Being back in school has been great but it has kept me quite busy. Hopefully I’ll be able to balance things better and 2017 should see the return of more regular posting. So here’s to a wonderful new year, I hope it’ll be filled with health and happiness for you all.

To kick things off nicely, I thought I’d talk to you about a great New Year’s treat to pamper yourself and start 2017 on the right foot.  Say hello to the Caudalie Divine Scrub!

I am a huge fan of Caudalie’s body care products in general and this scrub is incredible. This is a sugar based scrub so it’s very gentle on the skin and it has a light hydrating effect. I find that some scrubs can leave my skin feeling tight after use, but the Divine Scrub always leaves me with soft and smooth skin. It is also scented with Caudalie’s Divine fragrance so it smells amazing! This has such a unique luxurious scent, it’s sophisticated and comforting. The scent turns using the product into a relaxing pamper session instantly. Exfoliating is my favorite skin treat and it seems appropriate to start the new year with soft fresh skin.

As I have mentioned, this scrub is very gentle so if you are looking for a more intense scrub the Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub might be more suitable for you (it’s one of my favorites) but the scent of the Divine Scrub cannot be beaten.

The Caudalie Divine Scrub is available from the Caudalie website as well as from many Caudalie retailers including Sephora. 
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