Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Scent of Summer: Parfumerie Tiki Monoï Tiki Tahiti Tiare Review

Summer is technically on its way out, though the weather is still lovely, and I have the perfect product if you are trying to keep your summer vibe going. The Parfumerie Tiki Monoï Tiki Tahiti Tiare is the ultimate body oil to keep your skin soft and smelling like a holiday.

Monoï oil is basically coconut oil infused with tiare flowers (a kind of gardenia) to give it a fragrant scent. The Parfumerie Tiki is 100% made in Tahiti and each bottle comes with its own tiare flower for authenticity. The oil is multipurpose and I love the super short ingredients list. To me monoï is the quintessential summer scent, sweet and slightly floral, much more pleasant than plain coconut oil in my opinion. Honestly, I just bought it because of the scent and I smile every time I use it.

Unlike simple coconut oil, this is much silkier in texture and it absorbs a lot faster as well. It gently moisturises your skin, leaving it silky and lightly fragranced. The oil also leaves a nice sheen (great before going out), but don’t worry there is no oily feeling to the touch. Obviously this is a great summer product, but I think it’s perfect to use year-round especially when you need a little pick-me-up and a boost of hydration.

I found the Parfumerie Tiki Monoï Tiki Tahiti Tiare in my local health food store and you can also purchase it from the company’s website.

Herbivore Calm Bath Salts and Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap Review

I feel like Herbivore has been all over the internet for a while now and I couldn’t help being curious about this natural skincare brand. The packaging looks super pretty and the ingredients are appealing, what’s not to love! So, all in the name of research I tell you, I picked up two things from the brand to test out: the Calm Bath Salts and the Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap.

First let me start by saying I love the packaging for the bath salt, they come in a pretty simple glass jar and the quality is very nice. You could easily re-use it for something else when you’re done with the products. The Calm Bath Salts have a lovely ylang-ylang and vanilla scent, it’s both very unique and pleasant. In the jar, these smell really strong, but I actually can’t smell them much in the water. However, I still love using them because they really soften the water (my skin is less dry than after a regular bath) and I find the experience relaxing. I might try the Detox ones in the future but the Calm bath salts are a definite repurchase for me and I think they would make a great gift too!

I love the simplicity of a good bar soap and the Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap is stellar! It has a light floral-citrus scent (geranium and blood orange) and creates a creamy soft lather. It contains coconut and olive oil along with French pink clay to gently cleanse and soften the skin. Herbivore claims you can use it on your face too and while I used mine for my body I did try it on my face a few times and it left my skin clean without any tight feeling. So in a pinch this is a great multitasker. I was actually surprised by how long the bar lasted, especially for such a soft soap. Overall, the Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap is very pleasant to use and it leaves your skin feeling soft. You can’t ask for more from soap! Herbivore does have two other bar soaps in their range, the Bamboo Charcoal and the Blue Clay. I can’t wait to try them too.

I have to say, so far I have been super impressed with Herbivore products and I cannot wait to try more from the brand. Everything I mentioned is available on the Herbivore website and you can have a look at their stockists’ page to find local and online retailers.   
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