Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Favorite Natural Hand Soaps: The Green Beaver Company and The Honest Company

Today I want to step away from skincare and makeup reviews to talk about something equally related to beauty but that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Hand soap is so important to keep your hands soft, so I have rounded up my 2 favorite natural hand soaps to keep your hands healthy and clean.

I had to deal with eczema on my right hand all winter long and using harsh, drying soaps was not helping. This led me to trying out different natural soaps that are fragrance-free and not full of harsh chemicals. Finding good options was actually difficult but I love the two I picked below. 

First is The Green Beaver Company Cranberry Delight Foaming Hand Soap, this an amazing product! It is free of SLS, triclosan and phthalates (among others) and uses a mix of natural and certified organic ingredients. Unlike a lot of foaming soaps, it is not drying at all and rinses without leaving any residues. The light scent of cranberries is very pleasant and I love that you can buy big refills of it. This is probably my all-time favorite hand soap and it doesn’t hurt that it comes from an awesome Canadian company.

My second favorite is The Honest Company Hand Soap in Mandarin, a refreshing gel soap that smells lovely. The formula is super gentle, much like the Green Beaver one it is free of harsh chemicals, and it really gets your hands clean. In the picture you can see the lavender soap (the mandarin was out of stock), I really enjoyed this scent as well but I felt like it irritated my eczema a little (maybe it was the peppermint oil in it), though my other hand was just fine. I think the mandarin one is perfect for the kitchen, it smells lovely (not perfumy) but the scent does not linger or transfer onto food. It’s another great product from The Honest Company.

The GreenBeaver Company Cranberry Delight Foaming Hand Soap is available on their website and in select health food stores. The Honest Company Hand Soap inMandarin is available on their website. 
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