Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Laneige Multi Cleanser

The Laneige Multi Cleanser was all the rage a few years ago and it is also the first Korean skincare product I ever used. In all honesty I do not use this cleanser as much anymore, I prefer cleansing oils, but I know many still enjoy foaming cleanser and this one really impressed me.

Unlike a lot of cleansers, the Multi Cleanser is actually designed to remove makeup, sunscreen and exfoliate lightly all whilst cleaning your skin. I went through several tubes of it and I can say that it removes all makeup really well and easily. After use the skin feels clean, but because it is a foaming cleanser it can be a bit stripping so should always follow with some sort of moisturizer (which you should do no matter what cleanser you use anyways). However, it never dried my skin out like some other cleansing foams do. Another thing to note is that I cannot use this to remove eye makeup because it stings my eyes, but it is not market as something you can use on your eye area.   

As for the exfoliating function you cannot really feel it on your face, the creamy formula does not contain actual beads, but rather Papain enzymes that work very gently. After using it, my skin looked bright and refreshed.

You can visit the Laneige website for more information on the Multi Cleanser and their other products.

I got Laneige Multi Cleanser from Ebay for about 25$ but you can find it at a Laneige counter if you live in Asia. You can also purchase it in an Amore Pacific store in Canada and from Target in the United States.
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