Thursday, September 3, 2015

Caudalie Fleur de Vigne French-Milled Soap

Caudalie has well stolen my heart with all its lovely body care products and I plan on introducing you to the range in a series of reviews. To get us started I thought it be good to start with one of the most affordable product from they offer, the Fleur de Vigne French-Milled Soap.

The traditional soap bar has lost its popularity over the years, with shower gels being more convenient and more moisturizing. But for some reason, I just love getting a bar soap from time to time and I really enjoy how they last much longer than shower gels. This Caudalie soap however, is in a league of its own.

It is a plant-based soap with skin nourishing ingredients like shea butter and grape seed oil. After every use, my skin is left soft and clean instead of stripped and there is no suds residue. This is one of the rare bar soaps that actually moisturizes the skin in such a way that you can feel it. It contains no sulfates so it is very gentle on the skin. This also means it does not foam as much as other soaps, but the lather it produces is not harsh and it actually feels nice and luxurious to use.  

Lastly it is massive, about twice the size of regular soap so it will last you forever. It is scented with the lovely Fleur de Vigne fragrance a very green and fresh scent that is super refreshing and relaxing at the same time. This is my favorite scent from Caudalie! Now you should know that while you can smell the fragrance when you are using it, it does not linger on the skin. I personally like this because you get to enjoy all the invigorating properties of the fragrance but you are assured it will not clash with any lotion or perfume you choose to wear after.

The Caudalie Fleur de Vigne French-Milled Soap is not available on their website, but I was able to pick mine up from a Caudalie counter at the drugstore so I suggest you go have a look in your closest retailer. 

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