Monday, August 3, 2015

Tea Tuesday: Kusmi Prince Vladimir

The time has finally come for me to tell you about my favorite Kusmi in this edition of Tea Tuesday. I have been loving their Russian Blends and for the past few months, I went through my collection and kept my absolute favorite for the end. So without further ado, let’s talk about the Prince Vladimir tea.

This tea is actually one of the oldest Kusmi blends and it contains a blend of Earl Grey, citrus fruits, vanilla and spices. The citrus fruits and spices are really the main notes of this tea, you cannot smell the Earl Grey and the vanilla adds sweetness with making the scent and taste vanilla-centered. As for the taste, it is actually not spicy at all, on the contrary it is actually quite light and slightly sweet with a hint of bergamot.

To put it simply, it basically smells like Christmas and it is amazing. Simply smelling it puts me in a holiday mood and I love how warming it is. I find it very comforting and it is making excited for it to be fall already. I think it would appeal to most people with its delicious taste  and come the colder months, I will for sure repurchase a larger tin.

If you are interested in Kusmi teas, I highly recommend the Prince Vladimir blend. You can find it in most health food/tea stores and it is also available on the Kusmi website

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  1. Hey Marie, I have tried Kusmi (green tea with rose I think) but I haven't tried this! It sounds like something I'd like, although maybe in winter!


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