Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel

Eye creams are starting to have a moment, I mean a few years ago they were mostly targeted for more mature skin and were incredibly rich. I am still in my early twenties and very thick rich creams usually give me milia (tiny bumps) under my eyes and they take forever to go away. Finding a light cream that makes a difference can be difficult, but thankfully Laneige has come to the rescue with their Water Bank Eye Gel.

This light-weight eye gel hydrates your under eye area without feeling sticky and has lasting effects all day. The gel is cooling to the touch so it refreshes the skin and can help with puffiness. It also has soothing properties making it great for dry and irritated skin (you might want to test it out first if you have severe irritation because it contains fragrance).

I love this eye gel, every time I use it I am left with fresh looking eyes. The gel gives me just enough hydration and it does help reduce minimal puffiness. Unlike other creams I have tried, this does not cause any milia, but it is potent enough to make a visible difference. Also, I noticed this seems to help lighten dark circles, granted mine are not very bad, but when I use it constantly my under eye area looks brighter. If you are looking for something to help minimize wrinkles than I’m not sure this will give you the results you are looking for, but if you are still young or simply looking for a basic eye care product I highly recommend this one.

The Water Bank Eye Gel comes in a huge glass jar that will last you a very long time because you only need to use a little. I love the packaging, it looks gorgeous and very chic, also what can I say, blue is my favorite color and this shade is just lovely. It also comes with a cute little spatula so you don’t have to worry about putting your fingers in the jar, it is all very hygienic.  

I bought my Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel from Amore Pacific (the parent company) on Ebay, but you can also get it from Sasa. It might also be available in your local Amore Pacific/Laneige store or any Asian beauty store or website.

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