Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Benefit Benetint

You don’t know this about me, but I love lip stains, they are some of my favorite lip products for the natural effect they have. So today, I decided to go back to makeup reviews and talk about a cult lip stain: Benefit’s Benetint. This is a water-like rose tinted stain that feels weightless on your lips and gives them a gorgeous rosy-red tint. The effect after application is a flush of color that’s shine free and it doesn’t look like you are wearing anything on your lips at all.

The applicator is a fine brush, it picks a nice amount of product, but I find that it doesn’t make the application easy because of its size and shape. In terms of longevity, Benetint has decent lasting power (it’s not the longest wearing stain I’ve tried) and you can usually revive the color with a bit of lip balm or a gloss if it starts to fade.

All in all, the color is really what gets me with this product, it’s such a beautiful brightening shade! The formula is also very nice, I prefer water-like stains because they apply more evenly. There is a reason this is a cult product, it really is great and fool proof. Benetint can also be used as a check stain, but I haven’t tested in that way. In terms of removal, using a micellar water or a cleansing oil works best to remove it without scrubbing your lips off.

You can see in the picture that I own the Pocket Pal version which comes with a small benetint and a clear gloss, but you can buy Benetint on its own in a larger bottle. Benefit also has a line of colored lip balms that go with their different lip stains if you prefer a more hydrating product.

You can find Benefit’s Benetint and Pocket Pal on their website and the regular Benetint is available at Sephora and at any Benefit beauty counter.

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