Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#Teatuesday Løv Organic Wild Berry Fruit Tea

Hello everyone, I thought I kick things off today by sharing my favorite summer drink with you all. Staying hydrated is super important when it gets hot outside and as much as I like good old water, sometimes you just want something a bit more flavorful. So, for today’s Tea Tuesday I am super excited to talk about the amazing Løv Organic WildBerry Fruit Tea.

To put it bluntly, I freaking love this tea, I originally bought a box with teabags but within a week I went back and got the large metal tin. It’s that good.  This is a mix of hibiscus, rosehip along with fruits pieces and natural wildberry flavors. It makes the most perfect iced tea you can ever imagine! Instead of going for sugary juices and flavors enhancers, infusing the tea in a large pitcher of cold water give you a healthy refreshment to enjoy in the summer’s heat. It has a light hibiscus and berry flavor that is very pleasant and not too sweet. A lot of times fruit teas can be either too tart or overly sweet, especially when enjoyed cold, but this one has a perfect balance without being watered-down.

I have been making it every day for the past month and I still can’t get enough. I’m sure both kids and adults will enjoy it. Also I love that it’s organic and caffeine-free. You can the Løv Organic Wild Berry Fruit Tea on their website and in many health food and tea stores. It truly is one of the best teas I have tried this year!

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