Wednesday, July 29, 2015

RoC Soleil Protection+ Velvet Moisture SPF30

Sunscreen application is something I am religious about all year long, but during the summer months I am especially careful with choosing the right formula. To be honest I have struggled with finding the right facial sunscreen for a long time, they are usual too thick or they clog my pores. That being said, I finally have two products in my routine I can rely on to keep me protect from harmful rays, so let me introduce to you the first one today: the RoC Soleil Protection+ Velvet Moisture SPF30.

This formula is kind of a classic sunscreen texture and scent wise, but it has none of the drawbacks of the old goopy sunscreens from our childhood. This one comes out as kind of a thick cream straight form the tube, but has you rub it in it transforms into a lighter lotion and does not leave any white residues behind.

Now this is targeted towards people with normal skin and I would say that anyone with slightly dry to combination skin would enjoy this. It does offer some moisture and has an emollient texture; however it is not too rich, so you can still use it if you have an oily t-zone. That being said you should note that while it does not have a dewy finish (the name velvet moisture is very appropriate), it does take a little longer to absorb but it still looks great under makeup. It offers an SPF30 protection which is great for daily use and I have not had any sunburn while wearing it. Overall, this is a very solid sunscreen from RoC and one I will gladly repurchase (for the third time) when I finish my tube. With this formula, a little goes a long way and it is also very affordable for such a high-quality product.

I got mine in a local drugstore, but I could not find it anywhere online or on the RoC website. The European site does list different sunscreens but not this particular one. So if you are interested in the RoC Soleil Protection+ Velvet Moisture SPF30 I suggest you go have a look in your local drugstore or RoC retailers. It is certainly worth hunting down. 

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