Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tea Tuesday: Kusmi Bouquet of Flowers No. 108

I am back with more Kusmi for this Tea Tuesday. I have slowly worked my way through half of my Kusmi collection but you can expect more reviews on this amazing brand in the next few weeks. For now, I bring you a perfect tea for spring: the Kusmi Bouquet of Flowers No. 108.

Fun fact, this was actually the first recipe created by the brand’s founder Pavel Kousmichoff and it dates all the way back 1880. This particular blend is a mix of black tea and Ceylon with citrus, flowers and bergamot notes.  I really liked this one, unlike most black teas it is quite light and the flower notes really soften the taste and fragrance. I’m personally not the biggest fan of Ceylon but I thought the bergamot really helped sweeten the bitterness and balance it with the flowers and citrus notes. Not only is its name spring-like the taste is as well: it’s light, delicate and needs to be savored. It does not pack a punch flavor-wise, but it makes it really nice to sip when you want to have a relaxing cup of tea.

You can purchase the Kusmi Bouquet of Flowers No. 108 online from the company and you might be able to find/order it in any stores that carry the brand. 

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