Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dior Airflash CC Primer

Dior is my biggest luxury weakness, I mean their packaging truly is luxurious and their products usually have great textures so they are fun to apply. I also love Givenchy makeup but for some reason I just cannot resist a little Dior. Today I have a review of the very unique Dior Airflash CC Primer, an innovative spray-on face primer.

This primer contains Photo-Smart Pigments™ and is supposed to even out the skin, color correct, brighten as well as make your foundation easier to apply and last longer. A pretty tall order if you ask me. Well good news is, on my skin at least, it does fulfil most of its promises. The spray is very fine and I can’t feel it on my face, but results are there. While I don’t see much color correcting it leaves my skin looking more luminous (like it’s lit from within) and that brightness does make my skin a bit more even. The effects are not an in your face glow, it is more subtle while also being slightly blurring. The Airflash CC Primer gives my face a lovely satin finish that makes applying foundation over it a dream. The skin feels very soft and smooth with it on. I also noticed my foundation does last longer when I use the primer even though it does not offer a lot of shine/oil control.

Another reason I really enjoy using this is its scent, it just smells amazing! The one down side of this primer for is that it contains silica, I know most people are fine with it but my skin does not agree with it (at least it’s seems to be a common denominator in product that break me out or make my skin bumpy). Because of this I cannot use it every day but it has not stopped me from spraying it on for special occasions or when I want a subtle boost of radiance.

Now I highly recommend testing it out at a Dior counter before purchasing it, because it is expensive and people seem to be quite divided about it. Is this something you need in your life? Probably not, but it is a fun product and I do enjoy using it, so it is worth having a look at if you are looking for something different from your everyday primer. 

The Dior Airflash CC Primer is available at Dior counters, Sephora and Feelunique.

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